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Old Flashbangs Are Dangerous & Costly


The blast event of existing flashbang designs occurs at ground level. As a result, the concusive force often initiates secondary fragmentation from ground debris that can cause severe injury.

Fire & Smoke

The blast event of existing flashbang designs uses flash-powder. The heat may ignite fires and produces a residual smoke cloud that reduces operator visibility in critical situations.

Unreliable Fuse

The pyrotechnic delay fuses of existing flashbang designs have a wide delay deviation. This forces operators to either wait longer than tactically advantageous to enter area or risk "eating the bang."


An individual lawsuit as a result of an improperly deployed flashbang causing injury or harm can easily exceed $1M.

The use of flashbangs and their potential to harm is under increasing scrutiny from lawmakers and media.

Operating Costs

A single-use flashbang's per unit cost makes them expensive for effective training.

Additionally, the classification of flashbangs as explosive devices, requires specialized and expensive shipping and storage solutions.

Has Engineered a Superior Flashbang in Every Way

How It Works

The Safer & Smarter Enhanced Noise Flash Diversionary Device
for Ultimate Tactical Advantage

Liberty Dynamic Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) Flashbang Front View

Superior Safety

Ports located at bottom of the Enhanced Noise Flash Diversionary Device direct a powerful external noise-flash event.

Since the noise-flash event occurs in free space well above the ground, this virtually eliminates the risk of secondary fragmentation from ground debris.

The binary energetic material contained within the Enhanced Noise Flash Diversionary Device allows for drastically lowered volatility levels, creating a vastly safer and more reliable noise-flash event.

The Enhanced Noise Flash Diversionary Device has an ultra-low fire & smoke hazard due to the efficient burn of the energetic material and the device casing remains cool to the touch.

Any failure upon deployment and the Enhanced Noise Flash Diversionary Device renders safe in 60 seconds with a flashing LED indicator.

Liberty Dynamic Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) Flashbang Side View

Superior Design

Deployment mechanics match existing flashbangs, therefore minimal training will be required.

A digital "smart" fuse improves operational control through increased adaptability and a 0-delay deviation.

The smart fuse can be factory programmed to any delay length.

Emitting a powerful and disorienting report, the Enhanced Noise Flash Diversion Device's energetic sound and light output surpasses industry standards. The output is also factory scalable to specification (Tested to 184db).

Semi-flat ergonomic design promotes improved target accuracy as the device does not roll after deployment.

LED indicator lights provide device condition feedback.

Liberty Dynamic Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) Flashbang Open View

Superior Efficiency

Liberty Dynamic's Enhanced Noise Flash Diversion Devices are reloadable, thereby reducing overall operating costs.

Safe and inexpensive reloadable training cartridges enable personnel to be more adequately trained while still maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Most importantly, the low volatility energetic material and very low fragmentation potential should reduce costly lawsuits and insurance claims resulting from improperly deployed or flawed flashbangs.

Liberty Dynamic is aggressively seeking a classification that will simplify shipping and storage requirements.



Liberty Dynamic Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) Flashbang Blue Trainer Flashbang

Enhanced Training

Minimal initial training required as the Enhanced Diversion Device has similar deployment mechanics to current flashbangs.

Liberty Dynamic's trainer is designed to the same form factor as the original.

Economical reloadable training cartridges significantly reduce training costs and help improve operator proficiency.

Hand Deployment

Hand Deployment

Minimal training required as mechanical action is exactly the same as existing flashbangs.

Smart Fuse Delay and Payloads can be customized to specification.

Uses include:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Crowd Control
  • Convoy, Equipment, & Aircraft Security
  • Active Shooter
sUAS Deployment


Liberty Dynamic’s Smart Fuse Enhanced Diversion Device has been adapted to be deployed by a compact delivery system affixed to a sUAS (aerial drone).

The compact delivery system does not drop the flashbang from the sUAS. Rather, the energetic event is propagated in a directional cone from the undercarriage.

Irritants, dye, and rubber BBs are optional payloads.

The compact delivery system is designed to adapt to currently fielded sUAS technology. There is no need for the customer to buy a new sUAS platform.

Our Team

We are an engineering and military veteran team with a passion for improving the safety and functionality of crucial tactical gear.

John Chapman - Business Development

John Chapman
Business Development
USMC Veteran,
Reconnaissance Marine
Jarrett Hill - Operations

Jarret Hill
NNSA Federal Agent
USMC Vetran, Infantry
Jerod Scott - Logistics

Jerod Scott
USMC Veteran,
Aviation Electronics
Derek Pezze - Manufacturing

Derek Pezze
USMC Veteran,
Reconnaissance Marine
Adam Chapman - Marketing

Adam Chapman
Full-stack Software Development

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